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Learn How We Paint Your Kitchen. First off… your Kitchen Cabinetry is not a bedroom wall. Do you want an Average Joe Painter to paint your cabinets who doesn’t have a solid picture portfolio, insurance, and gave you the lowest Bid? Of course not… you want a reasonably priced professional painter who knows how to paint kitchens like a craftsman and takes pride in his work. Hire a Pro and your Kitchen will thank you!

Where do we paint your cabinets? We paint most all Kitchen cabinets on site and in some situations where space is limited, we take the cabinet doors and drawers to the shop for finishing. Sometimes we even build a spray-booth in the garage with the permission of the customer.

  • Properly clean and sand the cabinet surfaces with our dust extraction Festool sanders using Granat or Mirka sand paper. This ensures a smooth finish that will accept paint properly.
  • Apply a sealcoat also known as a primer so the cabinets will accept a finish coat. Shellac, Insl-x Stix bonding primer, and Lacquer undercoater are superior to all other primers and sealers.
  • Apply a finish coat. We thoroughly test and use products that have the best adhesion, resistance to abuse, and moisture. In some cases indoor health is a concern so we would suggest a low or Zero VOC coating that meets our qualifications.

Price varies so greatly that we would need to come look at your Kitchen cabinets before giving a firm estimate. Items like wood wine racks, blank paneling, intricate moulding, wood vent-hoods, islands, and many other similar items will add to the below pricing. However, I can give you a realistic ballpark price for quality work thats backed by experienced painters, referrals, insurance verification in your name, and a signed contract stating all the specifics.

  • For simple 1 solid color paint jobs… add up your cabinet doors and drawer opening, then times by $75
  • For multi solid color paint jobs… add up your cabinet doors and drawer opening, then times by $95
  • For antiqued, distressed, or glazed paint jobs… add up your cabinet doors and drawer opening, then times by $100-150 (price increases depending on the look you want, and level of distressing)

We love how this Kitchen turned out!

Upscale Farmhouse Office

Office walls, ceilings, and cabinets are gray color. Bookshelf ladder is stained.

1. If your not sure what painting cost and simply want a Ballpark price please send us and email with pictures of your project, dimensions, and what you're wanting completed.

2. If your ready to get started asap and have a budget for painting, please schedule an in home estimate from an iPaint sales representative. (interior and exterior estimates)

This fireplace surround turned out fantastic!